Themis Security’s foundation is based on providing professional uniformed service to residents and businesses. We can deter illegal and undesirable activities that harm your neighbourhood and places you and your family at risk.

Our model is based on a collaborative and coordinated effort that engages all the stakeholders in order to provide a safe and secure living and working community.

We have a proven track record of reducing trespassing, loitering, property damage, illegal activity and calls for service (fire, police, ambulance), while helping to restore to the neighbourhood and make community members feel safe.


Themis Security’s uniformed security officers are a powerful crime deterrent. We will engage and if necessary, remove those that are trespassing on your property, committing acts of vandalism, threatening or stealing.

Our security officers are here to assist you, your staff and your family and ensure that they are safe and secure.


Mobile and foot patrol is a cost-effective alternative to on-site security service. It is an effective method of prevention, detection and deterrence.

Our Mobile and Foot Patrol Officers will:

  •  Respond to alarm calls
  •  Respond to calls for service
  •  Remove individuals that are trespassing or loitering
  •  Check doors and windows and ensure that they are locked and secure
  •  Perform Lock/Unlock duties
  •  Escort staff to and from their office or their vehicles

Themis Security’s mobile patrol responds to calls for service and alarms when On-Site Security is not available or on schedule. Mobile patrol is available 24 hours/7 days a week to support and provide back up.

Mobile patrol will also respond to any calls for service initiated by the tenant, owner or manager.


Themis Security will respond to alarms and attend to your home or business. The police do not respond to alarms unless there is a proof of attempted or actual forced entry.

We will coordinate with your alarm company and if there is evidence of B&E, you or your designated person will be notified. Themis Security will contact the police and secure the site and wait for your instructions.

If it is a false alarm, a report is filed with the alarm company.

In order to reduce the risk, liability, and potential injury to you or your employees, we recommend that Themis Security be assigned as a first point of contact with your alarm monitoring company.