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Newsletter June 2014

Hotel Security & Enhancing Profitability


ecurity and safety of hotel guests and staff has always been a priority for our clients. Working closely with some Victoria’s boutique hotels, Themis Security has developed a suite of services designed to enhance hotel’s security arrangements – and ultimately profitability.

The Role of Mobile/Street Patrols

For hotels, the main attraction of our mobile and street patrol (downtown) is the opportunity to:

  • Address safety and security concerns while operating with minimal staff (weekdays, nights)
  • Keep experienced, trained hotel staff focused on being accessible and serving guests
  • Respond effectively to increased security demands without placing hotel staff at risk

Smaller hotels, unlike larger ones that may have multiple duty managers per shift, are usually minimally staffed on weekdays and nights. The advantage of using Themis Security is that we customize our service to individual hotels. In order to assist management with their security protocol, Themis Security looks at ho- tel’s staffing levels, the duties of hotel staff and a review of incidents. With security audit completed, Themis Security looks at what it can offer and how it could benefit our client.

Standard hotel duties
The “walkaround” should take place at regular intervals – day and night. It helps address a multitude of things that can be handled before they become an issue or concern. Some of the benefits of a “walkaround” performed by our security staff can ensure that hotel standards are being maintained in terms of cleanliness, brand values and ser- vice standards; hotel fire doors are secured; fire exits are

not obstructed; a level of visible deterrence is provided; and noise levels are identified, easing potential com- plaints. For female guests, it can add a level of comfort and safety knowing that there is active and accessible security presence in and around the hotel.

By using Themis Security, iconic establishments like Hotel Rialto, improve their security without increasing their staffing or placing them at risk. This arrangement leaves hotel staff and duty managers to focus on core hotel duties for which they are specifically trained to deliver to their guests.

To inquire about how Themis Security can be of service to your establishment, contact us today


As winter shelters close, more face sleeping outside

Many homeless people in Greater Victoria will have no choice but to sleep outside starting next week as extreme weather and winter shelters shut down March 31.

“People come to rely on them and they’re not coming and going,” said Don McTavish, manager of shelters at the Cool Aid Society. “It just underscores the need for more housing in the city.”

Forty people a night sleep on mats in Cool Aid’s winter shelter, in the basement of the church of St. John the Divine Anglican Church. The shelter was used in 3,939 instances between November and February. McTavish said the people who used the shelter often would not have had anywhere else to go, as the organization’s three year-round shelters were full and turning people away.

At the Rock Bay Landing shelter, extra mats were put out and the two family units remained occupied. The three shelters can take about 150 people combined a night. The winter shelters are often used for overflow, McTavish said.

The other additional seasonal shelters are operated as part of the Victoria Extreme Weather Protocol. The program offers shelter and a place to sleep for up to 125 extra people at four locations in the capital region on nights with extreme weather, such as snow, heavy rain or freezing temperatures. The Victoria Extreme Weath- er Protocol, which also ends March 31, was activated 34 times this season.

According to the 2013 report, Facing Homelessness by the Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness, at least 1,659 individuals used a shelter in 2013.

Themis Security’s Sidney Project

In March, Themis Security, engaged in a two-week security project at Beacon Plaza, at the request of Richmond Property Group, The issue and concern for the merchants and customers was an increase in aggressive panhandling, loitering and trespassing.

We provided an assessment and recommen- dations, which culminated in a two-week intensive program that targeted all the indi- viduals that were deemed to be loitering and trespassing on the property. The presence of our uniformed staff was welcomed by all the merchants and customers while providing a visible deterrent.

The final outcome was that with active en- forcement, support from Richmond Property Group and cooperation of the merchants at Beacon Plaza, our security officers were able to effectively displace individuals that were ‘regular’ panhandlers, and communicate to them that their activity and actions would no longer be supported nor accepted.

Our dedicated security officers did a great job on such a short notice and, in the pro- cess, made a difference-for the better of the community.


Downtown Community Security Project

For those who are curious, this is a sample of a day for our downtown security patrol log.

11:25 Removed three teens from behind MONK’S on Broad Street at entrance to Trounce Alley. Two were ready to leave but third de- cided to stand his ground. Advised that this is private property and it was not relevant that he is in his second year studying law.

14:10 . THE PLAZA. One male on stairs. Moved without issues.

14:20. Stopped by VicPD. They were looking for an individual that is reported to them by bylaw officers.

14:35. Noticed the individual that VicPD was looking for . Called it in and was asked the stay eyes on with the POI until officers arrived. VicPD arrived at 14:40 approx and removed several weapons from the POI and placed him in custody .

16:40. HEMP AND CO. Panner in front. Moved without issues. 17:07. HEMP AND CO. Panner in front . Moved without issues.

17:27. TIM HORTON’S. Call to remove one male from the store refusing to leave and being aggressive.

18:12. ST. ANDREWS SQUARE. One female vagrant on the Yates side. Moved without issues.

Statistics for March:
Calls for service – 21 Number of encounters – 56 Arrests – 0