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Themis Security Announcement

It gives me great pleasure to announce that the Supervisor position has been filled.

We would like to congratulate J Kaikan Boyd in her appointment.

She brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to this position.

Her primary responsibility will be organizing events, scheduling and staffing.

She will also provide assistance and support in day-to-day operations while coordinating with Steve Matthews and Rajko Atanackovic.

We are excited with this appointment and her ability to expand our event service.

I am confident that in choosing J Kaikan Boyd to fill this position, that Themis Security has made an excellent choice.

Please join me in making J Boyd feel welcome in her new role.

Thank you.

Mirko Filipovic | President

Themis Security Training a 100% SUCCESS
July 10,2015 saw the inaugural graduating class of Security Professionals from Themis’ Security Training School. All 15 students passed their written JIBC finals averaging well above the minimums required thanks to our great instructor Fraser Dodds. Fraser’s additional training techniques ensured that everyone was well prepared for the exam ( as evidenced from the results) as well as having an enjoyable experience for the week.

School Dean, Chuck Lovallo will be attending another job fair, July 14, 2015, at GT Hiring Solutions to determine if there is enough interest in running another training class; security companies want certified security professionals and Themis offers the best local training opportunity available. If there are people who want to become security professional then sign up for Themis’ next class.

Themis Job Fair Success

Themis received numerous applications for positions with us during the Work BC Job Fair. Staff were kept busy answering questions, accepting resumes and directing interested candidates to our website  online application feature. All in all over 1000 people came through the doors and the Themis booth was manned for the entire 4 hour fair. If you missed us, and are interested in a career with Themis, click the “EMPLOYMENT”  button to apply.




Themis makes the news in Burnside-Gorge area:

Growing anxieties about crime and anti-social behaviour
have encouraged residents groups, housing
associations, property owners and developers to look to
supplementary forms of security. By providing visible patrols, deterrence and
the ability to engage those that are loitering, trespassing and damaging properties
are some of the key traits that clients look for. It has become acceptable
for groups to take control of their own security needs and to select the providers
that would complement current policing efforts.
In some residential areas, a range of diverse personnel engages in low level
policing activities. This includes engaged citizens, neighbourhood watch
programs and private security firms. The purchase of additional reassurance
through visible figures of authority is a major new dynamic in community
safety that has developed and successfully implemented in Victoria. With
Burnside/Gorge area’s unique circumstances and issues, it is worth exploring
the role of private security.
Themis Security is considered a leader in designing and implementing
community-based safety and security programs.
“The main activities of Themis Security, as it relates to our community service,
is responding to alarms, responding to residents’ calls, providing visible
deterrence, providing information to the police and monitoring occupied and
vacant properties,” says Mirko Filipovic, owner of Themis Security.
“We strive for positive engagement and interaction and very much rely on
our communication skills as we engage a range of individuals on a daily basis.
Ultimately, we are here to protect your businesses and homes. We have a variety
of tools at our disposal that we have utilized successfully over a number
of projects throughout the city.”
Themis Security’s projects range from Wharf Street to Cook Street and
from Pandora Avenue to Fort Street and serve a variety of areas and needs. By
engaging local community, they are able to combine the resources available
and offer a service that will provide the necessary results that no single business
could do on their own. Their effectiveness and result-oriented approach
engages and brings together those that live and work in a specific community.
Although Themis Security is Victoria based, they have international experience
to draw from.
“The challenges facing Burnside/Gorge residents and businesses are very
much evident. However, through collaboration, combining resources, coordination
with social agencies, and cooperating with local law enforcement
agencies, we can contribute to a safer and more security community” says to
training and development manager, Fraser Dodds, a 28-year veteran of London,
UK police.
Themis Security is a Victoria based firm. Our team of highly trained and
professional security officers engage in protective services across a wide
range of industries. Our trademark is designing and implementing community
based safety and security services in order to overcome today’s business
challenges while creating value for our clients. For more information,
please visit

Bio: Chuck Lovallo
Chuck has joined Themis in the capacity of Business Manager and Administration Officer. His extensive public service as well as experience in the private business continuity, emergency response consultation sector and the establishment of a number of new business ventures brings a supplementary skill to the company. ” I find the work; especially the innovative concept of community security that Mirko has successfully implemented a welcome addition to Victoria”.