Themis Security offers a cost-effective security program while providing protection and customer service to ensure a safe, secure and hassle free environment.

The benefits of our community supported security program are:
1. Reduced vandalism
2. Crime deterrence
3. Prompt alarm response
4. Increased neighborhood safety
5. Reduced liability risk

Additionally, officers assigned to this project will build trust within the community through open communication. This encourages community members to report suspicious persons or activities before they become serious issues.

The security officers assigned to this post are committed to this project and are here to assist you and your clients as needed.
Our security officers are experienced; can manage difficult situations with tact and professionalism; enforce private parking; escort personnel after dark; and communicate with first responders.

Themis Security officers are here to assist you 7 days a week/24 hours a day.
Themis Security’s community patrol service offers the most cost efficient security solution.